About Sundance Kayak School

About Sundance Kayak School

What’s Sundance Kayak School all about?

Sundance Kayak School was started on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon way back in 1973! And was created for one very specific reason: to teach whitewater kayaking. Our basic premise is simple: be the nation’s premier Kayak School by offering the most thorough introductory white water river kayaking possible, consistently improving our teaching methods, being professional in all aspects of the business both on and off of the water, and having tons of fun.

All our basic programs are designed for the person who has never been in a whitewater kayak, and over the years, our name has become synonymous with quality kayak instruction. Sundance Kayak School has opened the door to this dynamic sport to people of all ages and from all walks of life. If you want to learn to kayak, it is our job and our pleasure to provide the avenue for you to do so, and to keep you safe and comfortable while you learn a new sport. Sundance Kayak School is dedicated to sharing the love of rivers and paddle sports through Education, Involvement and Enjoyment.


For over 50 years, Sundance Kayak School has been a center of learning and personal growth on the Rogue River in Oregon.  Every kayaker has a progression, be they a beginner on their first day in a white water kayak or an intermediate paddler who wants to have more fun playing and catching eddies. Even for advanced paddlers looking to polish their technique and perfect the boof, or an instructor who is learning to teach advanced paddling technique, there is always a next step in their progression – something new to learn and explore.

We love wilderness based kayak instruction


“Sundance as a business and the people who love her, are and have always been a positive contributing influence in the world of whitewater kayak instruction, and river recreation.”

Simply put, Sundance Kayak School is about getting people on the water, supporting river stewardship, and having fun.  We believe in the significant positive influence that paddle sports and kayak trips can have on people’s lives. Whitewater kayaking is a catalyst for increasing involvement and awareness to protect precious water sheds.

Kayak school paddling through mule creek canyon on the rogue river


White water kayak trips are Fun! Kayaking is a great way to improve one’s physical health and build stamina, while practicing mental composure.  The process of learning how to whitewater kayak can be extremely invigorating for the mind and body.  It keeps you in the moment, and encourages you to trust your body, and go with the flow. You’ve probably heard some of these common phrases, “don’t fight the river”, “let the water do the work”,” look where you want to go”. There is wisdom in those words.  They are the teachings of the river and any person who spends much time there will tell you that the river is one of the greatest teachers.

The thrill and reward of accepting the challenge of learning how to kayak in whitewater, mixed with experiencing the fun, majestic beauty and timelessness of a wilderness river trip are the reasons people come to Sundance Kayak School.  You can be your own hero by enjoying the sport of kayaking at whatever level is comfortable for you.  Let us help you find that level, and teach you the things you want to learn.  When you come to Sundance for your kayak school, be prepared to want to return; many people do, and some of us just never want to leave.