J.R. Weir

J.R. Weir

J. R. Weir kayak instructor sundance kayak school
J.R. Weir

Our kayak instructional staff is led by J.R. Weir who has worked on the Rogue River for 15 years as a kayak instructor and river guide. His passion for whitewater kayaking and white water kayak instruction is unmatched. J.R. is certified by the American Canoe Association as an instructor trainer and is recognized as one of the top instructors in North America.

J.R. grew up in Crescent City, California, kayaking on the Smith River, and perfecting his rock spins.  He loves being in the outdoors, and exploring his local environment.  He is known for saying, “You don’t need to go to another country to find adventure, there are so many great things to experience in our own backyard!” He loves Oregon kayaking, paddling in the Pacific Northwestand exploring places that are rarely seen.

J.R. took his first Rogue River trip at age 11 with his dad, when they came as students to Sundance Kayak School.  He was instantly captivated by the environment and lifestyle. J.R. and his dad returned to Sundance for many family-style, Oregon white water kayaking adventures, and when he turned 16, he started working here.   He has spent many seasons since then sharing his passion for the river with others.

J. R. Boofing in one of the first rapids

J.R. Boofing in one of the First Rapids on the Washougal River

In 2013, J.R. Weir bought Sundance Kayak School with his fellow kayak instructor Lori Turbes. Having been with the company through thick and thin, over many years, he is blessed with the opportunity to give back to a legacy that shaped his life for the better.  J.R. now spends his winters kayaking, and working on Sundance, devising new awesome tips and trips to share with his students. J.R. has tremendous enthusiasm for life and an infectious appreciation for the natural world.