Ryan Saevitz

Ryan Saevitz

Ryan rowing mundaca rapid on the futalafu river in chile
Ryan Saevitz

The quest for happiness is a worthy and life-long endeavor and I can’t imagine spending my life doing anything I’m not honestly passionate about. For me, that passion comes from a connection to both my environment, and the good people with whom I can share my experiences.

The best experience is being connected to the simple, infinite beauty of the natural world, and there is no better way to connect with people than by sharing adventure, and experiencing the natural world together.This is what drives me to live my life in and around beautiful rivers.

Kayaking is one of the best, most intimate and challenging ways to explore and invigorate oneself.  I love working with Sundance because it is a great way to maintain and form connections with the natural world, and meet awesome, like-minded people.

In balance with Sundance, I love to ski and snowboard, paint and carve, drum and listen to music, photograph the natural world, and then cook something delicious to fuel tomorrow’s adventure.

–  Ryan Alexander Saevitz

Ryan is a certified: