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How to Choose the Right Run

One of the most liberating draws of kayaking is honest, gritty exploration.  Once you have your gear and appropriate skills, the world of rivers opens up to you, calls you and invites you to play.  These opportunities are endless, you don’t need a lift ticket and there’s always enough fresh lines for everyone. If you…

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Reading Water and Rapid Classification

The river has a unique way of communicating and unfolding its secrets.  If you listen you will find the river carries a constant and ever graceful song that is measured at a rate of cubic feet per second (cfs).  As you sit by its side and navigate the moving waters you will also find that…

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Safety Gear and Style

“Safety is no accident.”  This has become my dad’s signature farewell as I tell him we are headed to the river.  I have grown to love this simple reminder.  The beautiful unpredictability of life allows ANYTHING to happen; there is no combination of paddling skills, comfort level, familiarity with a run or karma that will…

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American Whitewater at Work

“The care of rivers is not a question of rivers, but of the human heart.”  —Tanako Shozo Whether you appreciate clean, free flowing rivers from a raft, drift boat, canoe, kayak, stand-up paddle board or alongside the water’s edge, stewardship is an important component to every river lover’s livelihood!  American Whitewater has led the industry…

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Pool session for kayakers

5 Benefits of Pool Sessions

For a kayaker any time devoted to sitting in a boat is always time well spent.  Kayak pool sessions offer a great avenue for new kayakers to get their sea legs as well as intermediate and advanced paddlers to continue improving their form and technique. 1. Predicable Environment The pool setting can alleviate a great…

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