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Dagger Axiom 8.5 Kayak

Dagger Axiom Review

Last year we had quite a few people request the Dagger Axiom for their kayak school, so we bought a few for the 2013 season. Of course, I have to test all of our equipment first, so I paddled it at our local kayak polo match and loved its speed and maneuverability. Today I took…

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Fun Kayak School on Rogue River with Sundance Kayak School

Year in Review: 2012

2012 was a pivotal year in the rebuilding of Sundance Kayak Schools. Our goal is always to run the best kayak instruction courses in the world, but we also did some great exploratory trips and training with our instructors. We started out the paddling season with a kayak trip on the Smith River and an…

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The Author Celebrating After a Successful Run Through Mule Creek Canyon

Team Sundance: Jim’s First Kayaking Experience!

My first, and so far only, experience with kayaking took place in June 2011 with Sundance Kayak School on the Rogue River. In the past, I have taken many canoe camping trips with my son, and other members of my family. As a result I expected that although kayaking would be challenging I would pick…

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Beautiful Water at Put-In for the North Fork of the Washougal

North Fork of the Washougal

Yesterday J.R. and I were excited to see a new section of river so we headed out to Washington’s Washougal River. Flows were a little low, but we really wanted to do some creeking and decided to check out the North Fork of the Washougal. We were immediately impressed with this beautiful canyon and the…

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Key Safety Gear For Whitewater Kayakers

5 Ways to Make Safety on the River Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is a good time to rededicate yourself to safe river running by making sure you have the proper safety equipment, and that you’re ready to use it. We’ve compiled 5 things that should be at the top of every kayaker’s list. 1. Float bags. These are easy to forget about, but when…

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New Dagger Mamba on the Hood River

Redesigned 2012 Dagger Mamba Review

We just got a shipment of the brand new 2012 Dagger Mambas for next year’s kayaks schools and I took one out on the Hood River yesterday for a test-run. I’ve never paddled the previous Mamba so this review is based on how I liked the boat compared to the other boats I’ve been paddling…

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The White Salmon is Free Again

Amazing Time Lapse Video of the Condit Dam Blast

Last week a hole was blown in the bottom of Condit Dam on Washington’s White Salmon River. This is huge win for Salmon and Steelhead who spawn in the upper reaches of the White Salmon before this dam was built in 1913. It’s also a win for kayakers excited to see what rapids lie below…

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Heart Kayaking sticker on a Pelican Case

Heart Kayaking Stickers Available!

We’ve had an overwhelming number of requests for a sticker with our new Heart Kaykaking logo – so here it is! You can get one online at River Hardware for just $2 shipping. We’ll send you one for free if you comment below about why you love kayaking.

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Hood River Kayak Polo

Hood River Kayak Polo Fall 2011 Season

The Hood River Kayak Polo Fall season starts tomorrow (10/11). This is a fun way to get in your kayak and get some exercise during the dreary winter months. Time: 8pm – 9:30pm Location: Hood River Aquatic Center Cost: $8 for the night, Season passes $45 Bring your kayak, paddle and pfd. Full face helmets…

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Green Point Creek Video

We ran Green Point Creek (trip report) last spring and I just found this footage we took with our GoPro. It was a fun day of dodging rocks and logs in a beautiful setting. Here’s the video: This creek got us thinking about a new kayak course titled “Introduction to Mank” – stay tuned!

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