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Debris Removal South Fork Smith River

Smith River Clean Up

Giving Back to the Smith River Every year the Smith River Alliance organizes a clean up of the Smith River National Recreation Area. This is no small task. Tires, mattresses, a water heater and lots of trash were removed during this years effort with over 40 volunteers. Seeing as the Smith River is my all time…

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Reading Water and Rapid Classification

The river has a unique way of communicating and unfolding its secrets.  If you listen you will find the river carries a constant and ever graceful song that is measured at a rate of cubic feet per second (cfs).  As you sit by its side and navigate the moving waters you will also find that…

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kids kayak camp rogue river oregon

Youth Kayak Scholarship & Discounts Available

Our monthly newsletter has youth kayak scholarship & discount opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of the savings and grow your kayak skills. Here’s a recap of our recent newsletter: Youth Kayak Camp Scholarship Do you know a child who would benefit from a youth kayak camp? Sundance Kayak School is offering a kayak…

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Safety Gear and Style

“Safety is no accident.”  This has become my dad’s signature farewell as I tell him we are headed to the river.  I have grown to love this simple reminder.  The beautiful unpredictability of life allows ANYTHING to happen; there is no combination of paddling skills, comfort level, familiarity with a run or karma that will…

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Condit Dam White Salmon River Washington

Condit Dam Update

  October 26, 2011 is a day that will go down in history as the first time in over 100 years the White Salmon River has been set free. As groups gathered watching the action on a nearby TV, a hole was blown in the 125′ tall dam, and in less than two hours, the…

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The White Salmon is Free Again

Amazing Time Lapse Video of the Condit Dam Blast

Last week a hole was blown in the bottom of Condit Dam on Washington’s White Salmon River. This is huge win for Salmon and Steelhead who spawn in the upper reaches of the White Salmon before this dam was built in 1913. It’s also a win for kayakers excited to see what rapids lie below…

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Condit Dam Removal slated for October 2011

It’s not often that you get to personally witness the nation’s tallest dam being removed. It’s even less often that you have the chance to watch a river reform after removal. Residents of White Salmon and Hood River will soon get to be in both unique positions as the Condit Dam on the White Salmon…

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