Inflatable Kayak School

Price: $895
Includes: All Equipment, Food, Camping Gear and Instruction
Dates: 4 day trips start every Thursday all summer

We bring inflatable kayaks along on most rafting trips for people to try out, but this trip will be geared toward those that want to “ducky” the entire Rogue River. Inflatable kayaks offer a great perspective on seeing the Rogue’s plentiful wildlife. You’ll achieve a sense of accomplishment as you attack each rapid with your paddle, and the Rogue’s large pools at the base of each rapid offer a nice place to recover if you need to catch your breath (or your paddle!).

Why Choose Inflatable Kayaks?

Inflatable Kayak School is meant for those who seek the thrill of paddling whitewater in a kayak, but without the steep learning curve that is required for hardshell kayakers. Kayaking is a sport that can take years to master, but just about anyone can tackle the Rogue River in an inflatable kayak, or ducky, especially under the leadership of our instructors.

Our instructors will give a detailed safety talk before starting out on the trip, and they’ll guide you through each rapid. If your IK flips, they are there to help recover your boat or paddle. The trip will have large oar boats to carry all of the gear we’ll need to set up a comfortable camp each evening. These boats also act as “ducky mamas” by providing a large visual for the line of “duckies” to follow through each rapid.

Camping Along the Rogue River

You’ll arrive in camp each afternoon with tired arms and giant smiles. The instructors and guides will prepare a feast to get you ready for the next day’s adventures. You can enjoy the blanket of stars overhead as you discuss your triumphs of the day and the trials that await you tomorrow.

The Rogue is known for its amazing riverside camps and unspoiled wilderness. This is a great way to improve your skills and enjoy the Rogue!