Lori Turbes

Lori kayak surfing on the Illinois River, tributary to the Rogue River

Lori surfing on the Illinois River, tributary to the Rogue River

Lori Turbes

Born and raised in Minnesota, Lori started her whitewater river kayaking roots in the Midwest.  After a year of paddling various rivers in Minnesota & Wisconsin, she moved to the Pacific Northwest, calling the Columbia River Gorge home for 2 years. Lori was surrounded by amazing whitewater rivers.  In love with Oregon white water kayaking, and deciding to continue her pursuit of teaching, Lori came to Sundance Kayak School in 2012.

It didn’t take long for Lori to realize how perfect the Rogue River is for kayak instruction. The warm water and pool drop nature had her hooked, not to mention the unique, full-immersion experience of downriver kayak schools on the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River. Lori continues to grow her knowledge on the river and build her skills in the field of whitewater kayaking. Recently, Lori became an ACA Level 4 Certified Whitewater Kayak Instructor.

After her second season on the Rogue River, Lori knew this is where she wanted to be. In 2013 she purchased the Sundance Kayak School with co-instructor J.R. Weir. She is excited to grow Sundance Kayak School into a resource for many new kayakers for years to come.