Marty Grabijas

Marty Grabijas’ paddling career spans over four decades. During that time he has been an ACA certified Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Instructor Trainer Educator and competitive athlete in multiple disciplines. His core philosophy is that there are few essential tasks one has to master to be a proficient paddler, and the better that one can be at those few tasks, the more mastery one will exhibit.

Marty Grabijas Kayak Touring

Marty enjoys all types of kayaking, including touring

Marty’s teaching style is a blend of Zen-like calmness and fundamental drills so that basic movements become as natural as breathing in one’s sleep. Under Marty’s mentorship paddlers are trained to move without thought, seamlessly interacting with the river, and striving to move like silk in the wind. His goal is to instill patterns of grace in gentle conditions and then have students apply those patterns of grace to moments of pressure in more demanding waters.