Zach reviews the Double D Drysuit

Jesse putting in on the Hood

Jesse wearing the Double D Drysuit on the Hood River

I tried out Immersion Research’s Double D Drysuit this winter after 10 years of paddling with a Kokotat Meridian drysuit. I loved my Kokatat suit, so it was a big change to try something new, but I am so glad I did!

The first thing I noticed was the zipper. When you put this suit on, the zipper is in the back, which can be quite annoying since you have to either be super flexible or have friends around to zip you up. As it turns out, I always have friends around and they’re always willing to zip, so that’s not that big of a deal. Actually, the back zipper makes the suit fit much better than one with a zipper that crosses the chest in the front. I am now completely sold on this design.

I also quickly noticed that the suit fit like a glove and the material is really supple. It is more comfortable, and I have an increased range of motion while wearing it. I was worried that since the material felt thinner that it would be less durable, but after putting it through many days on the river and tons of abuse this winter, it’s still as dry as the first day I wore it. One of those Ds must stand for Durable.

Other things I love about the Double D Drysuit:
– The booties fit perfectly in my shoes
– The elastic waistband inside the drysuit keeps it tight around the waist
– Awesome orange and grey color scheme (other colors available)
– The neck gasket fit perfect right out of the box (I didn’t have to cut it)
– It’s super stylish (I need all the help I can get…)

In short, this is a great drysuit for someone looking for durability and range of motion. To order your own or to learn more, check out Immersion Research’s website.

Jesse putting in on the Hood

Jesse Becker (of Immersion Research) poses at the put-in with the fabulous Double D Drysuit


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