Playing around Just 4Fun – a Review of the Jackson 4Fun kayak

Zach doing a stern squirt in his Jackson 4Fun

Zach doing a stern squirt in the Jackson 4Fun on the Hood River

Let me start off by saying that I love this boat. The Jackson 4Fun is one of those boats that fits me like a glove and feels like an extension of my body. I’ve been paddling it all winter on different sections of the Hood River and White Salmon River at a variety of flows. I always have fun, so it lives up to its name!

The Jackson 4Fun waiting to launch into the Hood River

Jackson 4Fun beached near the Hood River

This is a big guy’s boat. I’m 6’2″/210 pounds and this is the most comfortable playboat (i.e. not a creeker) I’ve ever paddled. It surfs like a dream and can do huge stern squirts and effortless rock spins (my favorite play moves), yet it’s stable enough for me to run Class IV rapids. Basically, this boat allows me to play my way down the river.

My favorite part about the 4Fun is the stern. I am used to backenders and unintended stern squirts when I paddle through huge holes or boily water. This boat has just the right amount of volume in the stern to stay playful and still power through the holes.

In short, if you’re a big guy and looking for a fun boat to play in as you travel downriver, this is it.


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