Rowing School

  • Length: 5 Days
  • Season: June
  • Includes: World-class rowing instruction, all camping gear and food
  • Cost: $1,245
  • Additional Cost: $150 for boat rental
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“Go with the flow, Let the water do the work, Let the river be your guide.”

Welcome to your class 3 Rowing school on Oregon’s Rogue River. This course will give you the skills and experience to row an oar raft or cataraft on class 3 whitewater! If you have basic rowing experience, or you are learning to run the river for the very first time, this class will leave you with the knowledge needed to run an awesome multi-day river like the Rogue.

Rowing School on the Rogue River in Oregon with Sundance Kayak School

Learning how to scout rapids and choose your line!

 Why learn to row a whitewater raft in Oregon?

Rafting is tons of fun! Imagine having the skills andconfidence togo on amazing river trips whenever your heart desires. What if you could lead your friends or family on memorable river trips down beautiful canyons, carrying everything you need to journey through the wilderness in style? We’ll teach you the skills you need to row people and camping gear on memorable trips down some of the best rivers in the world. The Rogue River, Salmon River, Snake River, even the Grand Canyon, all have friendly class 3 sections to enjoy.

Here’s why the class works.

Combine the perfect learning environment, with some of the safest, most professional whitewater instruction in the business, then add the best equipment. You get an awesome informative experience that leaves you with skills and experience you can use!

You will learn how to read the river – the fine art of identifying and understanding features such as waves and currents, and how to use these features to your advantage. Then you will apply rowing concepts such as angle, momentum and timing, to get where you want to go efficiently and the first time around. Finally you will master the technique needed to be able to perform maneuvers on the river.

Rowing School on the Rogue River in Oregon

Rowing School participants enjoying the beauty of the Rogue River Canyon

We will emphasize safety in all aspects of the curriculum. Lecture topics will include gear and equipment, rigging – common practices and proper technique, considerations for carrying passengers. You will be trained in how to scout a rapid, and what to do if a raft flips over. Our rowing instructors are friendly and patient professionals who will tailor the course to your individual needs while providing a fun and supportive environment.

The Wild and Scenic Rogue River is the perfect classroom for beginning and intermediate boaters. The warm water, pool-drop character, and class 2-3 rapids, are ideal conditions for beginner and intermediate boaters to improve their skills.This class 3 rowing school is for anyone who wants to learn how to row, or improve their rowing skills on a multi-day rafting trip down the wild and scenic Rogue River.

Sotar Inflatables & Sawyer Oars

We’re partnering with Northwest Rafting Company for this school.  At the end of your course, you’ll have the option to buy gear from SOTAR Inflatables and Sawyer Paddles and Oars at rates normally reserved for professional outfitters!