Stand Up Paddleboard Tours

River enjoyment is the core of our passion and we are thrilled to introduce guided Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) tours on the Rogue River! SUPing is an invigorating yet relaxing way to play on the river, exercise, socialize, quietly connect with nature, see wildlife and simply laugh with friends. Anyone can do it and everyone is encouraged to give it a try! Our friendly, patient and professional instructors love what they do and are excited to share their understanding of this sport. You will learn several skills including stance, balance, strokes, turns, reading water and overall safety and fun.

We invite you to join us on a tour of the Scenic Rogue River while you get the feel for the board, explore the river and make an unforgettable memory! If you have never floated the Rogue River, you’ve got to try this! Glide in and out of eddies and experience a unique privilege of traveling at the pace of the river while witnessing amazing wildlife, reflections and scenery. It is also a likely spot to see Great Blue Heron, Mergansers and hopefully some other river critters as well.

Upcoming Events

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