Youth Kayak Camp

Are you looking for a fun and unique summer camp? Our Youth Kayak Camp is perfect for you! Kayak on the warm waters of the Rogue River and sleep under the stars each night. Our days will be filled with kayaking, hiking, games and adventure. We believe if kids have an opportunity to experience kayaking at a young age, it will have long lasting positive impacts on their life.

Your child’s experience:
• They will learn about essential kayak gear and safety skills needed in kayaking.
• Our instructors will help them build a solid foundation of skills which they can continue to master even after the camp is complete.
• They will learn about boat control, edging, and “wet exits”. Wet exits teach them how to get out of the kayak if it tips over. Believe it or not, gravity does most of the work!

Upcoming Events

  • No Scheduled Trips - Please Call to Schedule Your Trip (541) 708-3601.