Destination: Fern Ridge Wave, Oregon

Water Levels: 1050-1400 cfs on the Long Tom River Near Alvadore

Description: While feature is known as the Fern Ridge Wave, it is more of a hole. It is created as water pours over slab of slanted concrete, which at the right levels, creates a gentle, but retentive hole. It’s deepest on the river left side of the hole, and allows most hole moves: spins, loops, cartwheels, mcnasties, etc. Some wave moves are also possible. See video of the feature, here: VIDEO. This is a good feature for beginners, especially those just learning to cartwheel and loop, as the water entering the feature is not overly steep, and moves are easy to initiate. It is easy to get into the hole as there is eddy access on both sides.  If you flush, it is flatwater for a long ways, but it’s easy to get back up to the hole. Warning: If you go below 1050 cfs, you will likely hit the bottom unless you are a very lightweight individual. Beware of ree-bar in the river!

Looping at the Fern Ridge Wave

Dual Cartwheels

More Loops!
Location: The Fern Ridge Wave is located near Eugene, Oregon, just downstream from the Fern Ridge Dam.
Take Highway 99 North to Clear Lake Road. Take a left on Clear Lake Rd, and continue until you see the Fern Ridge Dam. Just before you cross a bridge below the dam, pull into a parking lot/park on the right. Walk down to the stream at the bridge, put in, and in about 50 yards you will see the wave.

Happy Paddling!

Team Sundance

About Kim

Kim Becker is a professional whitewater kayaker with a passion for any form of river play. A Bend, Oregon native, she grew up paddling (11 years ago!), and will always have a soft spot in her heart for the Deschutes River. She is 2010 and 2011 Women's Champion of the Western Whitewater Championship Race Series. She paddles for Wave Sport Kayaks, AT Paddles, Kokatat Watersports Wear, Snap Dragon Designs, and FiveTen.