Life’s Good on the Hood

Running the Hood River montage

For more photos of Team Sundance on the Hood River, click the photo above.

When I think of running the Hood River, I think of its cold waters, beautiful scenery and the challenging yet friendly collection of runs (ranging from easy class III to class IV/V playgrounds).

The headwaters drain from the snowy and scenic north and east slopes of majestic Mount Hood. Because water levels depend on both snowmelt and rainfall, the boating season is typically during late winter through early spring.

Last week the river gods were smiling on Team Sundance as warmer temperatures and rain joined forces to provide ideal (and downright fun) flows on the Hood.

The Hood River offers something for every skill level and is easily accessible for short runs or laps. We went two or three days in a row and took the time to run three different sections; the crystal blue class IV of the West fork; the big water class III of the main hood; and the East Fork confluence down to the Columbia River.

I was excited to play with my new red Creek boat, and kayak with some great friends. Sundancers Heather and Nate Herbeck made an appearance, along with Zach Collier from Northwest Rafting, and Lori Turbis from Wet Planet.

We all had a good time challenging ourselves to catch micro eddies and practice boofs, rock splats (which are fun to say, but even more fun to do). The Hood is a great river and is especially wonderful as you can squeeze a run in during your lunch break! I love the chance to be on the water and I’m really looking forward to a big season for Sundance on the Rogue. We have some exciting projects that we’re working on and a big juicy snow pack that should keep us smiling through August! It can’t get more amazing than that.


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JR's enthusiasm for life readily extends to all things whitewater and at Sundance, we consider him the guru of everything kayak. He spends his summers on the Rogue River as an awesome kayak instructor and during the off season, he gravitates toward any body of water that will give him some thrill. He tends to surround himself with others that share the same passion.