Private Youth Instruction

  • Length: 4 hours – Full Day
  • Season: Year-Round
  • Includes: World-class instruction and required gear
  • Cost: $105 – $205 (We offer group rates!)

Looking to improve your youth’s skills with individual instruction? Would your kids want more time with an Instructor one on one?  Private Youth instruction can be the perfect opportunity for your kids to fine tune their skills. From beginner to advanced instruction, our kayak instructors will help them develop their skills on an Oregon River Adventure. Each session is customized to your specific wants and needs. As in most sports, practice is key! Your instructor will work with your child to achieve their personal goals.

The private instruction sessions offer a great opportunity to build confidence, and practice a number of skills including balance, edging, bracing, how to turn and drive the board/boat efficiently and the techniques of an effective self rescue. Learn at your own pace with personalized assistance from friendly Sundance instructors! Our instructor will start the lesson by getting to know more about their student and set goals for the day. There will be an opportunity to share strengths and weaknesses, and discuss any goals you or your youth may have for lesson. All of this information will be used to help your instructor choose the best plan for the day.


Individual Instruction is perfect for:

  • Perfecting strokes and techniques
  • One on one individualized instruction
  • Critical feedback to help speed the learning process
  • Building confidence in the sport
  • And so much more!