Aaron Blau’s Sundance Experience

We were fortunate enough to meet kayaker and photographer, Aaron Blau, from Denver, Colorado. Aaron (or Blah! as we came to know him) volunteered a week of his time to First Descents as a photographer for one of our kayak camps on the Rogue River. Here’s a little write-up Blah sent us about his Sundance experience.

Aaron blau first descents photographer

Aaron Blau, the man behind the lens at our First Descents Camp

“In my years as a river guide and in my own trials at learning to kayak I have seen many go through the progression and take up a paddle. But learning how to kayak is not easy and can involve overcoming some very innate fears. Of all the teachers I have encountered none have so effectively turned that fear into fun as Sundance Kayak School.

First descent kayak camp

For students on the Rogue River, “swims” or out of kayak experiences were quickly and safely recovered by the Sundance team. All this with an attitude that minimized the fear and made the inevitability of those early swims fun. The result for students was to let them push, break through their limits in as safe an environment as possible. That this environment was the beautiful and wild Rogue River, not a swimming pool, is a testament to the passion and skill of the Sundance team. They truly love the river and after spending time with them it is impossible to not love the river too.”

Ripple so happy kayaking on the rogue river

Ripple, just one of the many happy kayakers on the Rogue River.


About JR

JR's enthusiasm for life readily extends to all things whitewater and at Sundance, we consider him the guru of everything kayak. He spends his summers on the Rogue River as an awesome kayak instructor and during the off season, he gravitates toward any body of water that will give him some thrill. He tends to surround himself with others that share the same passion.