Team Sundance

Team Sundance

Kayak Instructors and Raft Guides

Ryan, zach, ryan, treesh, chrissy, nate, lori, j. R. , riley
Ryan, Zach, Ryan, Treesh, Chrissy, Nate, Lori, J.R., Riley

Our staff is composed of outdoor educators, passionate adventurers, professional leaders, and world class kayak instructors, who all share a love of the river and the experience it provides. Their passion for kayak instruction is unmatched. Sundance Instructors are a diverse group of fun and knowledgeable individuals, each with their own style of teaching and unique sense of humor.

All of our kayak instructors are friendly professionals.  They are chosen both for their expert kayaking ability and, even more importantly, for their talents in teaching.  Their ability to instill trust and confidence, to allay fears and frustrations, and to recognize and respect limits are combined with personalized teaching and a low student/instructor ratio for a proven, successful approach to kayak instruction.

Sundance Kayak School has developed teaching methods and progressions based on our years of kayak instructional experience, and on modern practices in movement skills education.  We work hard to stay abreast of new techniques and developments in the sport.  Our on-river teaching is supported by video review, chalk talks, lectures and slide shows.

Certified Kayak Instructors

Sundance maintains the highest standards with regard to safety and kayak instructional excellence. Our responsible staff is well trained and competent when it comes to keeping people safe on the river.  We are masters of knowing what risks exist and helping you to identify and avoid danger for yourself.  To ensure your safety both on and off the water, our kayak instructors maintain the following certifications:

“One of the coolest things about being a Sundance kayak instructor is getting to hang out with people who are experiencing the River for the first time.”

Meet the Instructors!

Lori turbes
Lori Turbes
Andy exploring one of the many rivers in ecuador
Andy Round
J. R. Weir kayak instructor sundance kayak school
J.R. Weir
Nate wilson, kayak instructor
Nate Wilson
Chrissy loving life in mule creek canyon on the rogue river
Chrissy Johnston
Jonathan hyland kayak instructor
Jonathan Hyland
Ryan rowing mundaca rapid on the futalafu river in chile
Ryan Saevitz
Sami hawkins, kayak instructor
Sami Hawkins
Heather herbeck kayak instructor
Heather Herbeck
Marty grabijas
Marty Grabijas