Kayak Roll Clinic

  • Length: 4 Hours (This is a custom, half-day of private instruction)
  • Season: June – September
  • Includes: World-class instruction and all required equipment.
  • Cost: $205 (Click “Book Now” to see our group rates)

Kayak Roll Clinic

Looking to master the kayak roll or perfect your technique? Kayak Roll Clinics can be the perfect opportunity to fine tune your kayak skills. Each roll session is customized to your specific wants and needs. As in most sports, practice is key! Your instructor will work with you to achieve your personal goals.

The kayak roll sessions offer a great opportunity to build your confidence, and practice a number of skills including strokes, bracing, edging, and the kayak Roll. Learn at your own pace with personalized assistance from friendly Sundance instructors!

Make a day of it! Roll practice requires concentration and uses a lot of energy. The best way to learn the kayak roll is to take frequent breaks when practicing to let the mind and body relax. This is why the Sundance roll clinic is included as part of a half-day of private instruction. This allows you to work on the roll as much as you like, and get some paddling in too.  Our instructors can customize your day to maximize your experience.


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